PSS Projects

At PSS HIRE, providing a high level of customer service is important to us and, in recognition that many of our customers are dealing with complex projects that need a high level of support, and following numerous requests, we have introduced PSS Projects.

Utilising the many years of experience, PSS Projects is a dedicated team which assists customers and clients with large diameter polyethylene pipe projects.

Our team will work alongside you, from the project’s inception to assist the Designers, site layouts with the Project Managers to select the best products and technology on an individual job by job basis to maximise the flow of materials to weld the pipeline. We help our clients overcome specific project challenges, whilst maximising safety and efficiency on-site both prior to commencement of the project through to working in partnership whilst the job is being carried out.

With the use of the McElroy Vault and Control Point BDI - that allows for the uploading of Joint Data and Bead Test results in real time – the PSS Projects team can also work alongside you to provide feedback & guidance on the data uploaded to the web.

We can pass on our wealth of knowledge of working with our customers on major projects regarding the suitability of equipment across all terrains and environments, from inner cities to mountainsides.

We have the most experienced Engineers in the polyethylene welding industry offering on-site induction, site set-up, preventative maintenance and on-going support & feedback - All PSS HIRE Project Engineers are McElroy Master Mechanics and have many many years’ experience in Butt and Electrofusion welding techniques.

However, our commitment does not end when the pipe welding finishes.

PSS Projects are also able to offer additional complementary services to provide a true one stop service for all your Polyethylene Pipeline requirements. This includes Pipeline Pressure Testing and Chlorination services.

To finish with, we also regularly sit down with our clients for an end of project review to identify any lessons learnt and suggest further efficiencies for future projects.