PSS HIRE is your expert in providing equipment and solutions to ensure you achieve PR19 and AMP7 obligations.

OFWAT states that customers:

Expect water and wastewater services to be resilient to both short-term shocks and long-term challenges such as population growth and climate change.

And they expect those services to be affordable for all, including those struggling to pay. The only way water companies will achieve all this, is to find new and better ways of delivering those services.

  • Why PSS HIRE?

PR19 States:

  • Reduced water leakage by at least 15%.
  • Make performance commitments specifically on improving resilience to drought and flooding.
  • Assess a wide range of options for securing water supply resilience including investment in new infrastructure, water transfers and measures to significantly improve water efficiency and reduce consumption.
  • Demonstrate the financial resilience of their businesses as part of their business plans.

PSS HIRE are leading the innovation race to bring new products and services to the water sector.

Data capture and quality assurance of the asset installation is key for a successful outcome, our solutions include:

  • Pipeline Commission System – our clever app and hardware captures data and images across the swabbing, pressure testing and chlorination processes to store in the cloud and document the  successful installation.
  • SMART Torque – Our app and Bluetooth Torque Wrench can record for quality assurance, the sequencing and the specific torque applied to the nut or bolt for a flange-to-flange joint. Thus giving the contractor and asset owner piece of mind that the flanged pipeline is jointed correctly.
  • PSS LIVE - Joint Integrity & Real Time Data Capture for Electrofusion joints.
  • Bead Diagnostic Instrument for Butt Fusion Welds
    • Integrated into the butt fusion welding process or can be used as a stand alone product
    • Bead and Split length is recorded
    • Results captured and documented in real time
    • Failed joint alert process

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