Suction Excavation

At PSS HIRE, we have a great deal of expertise in Suction Excavation and we have invested significant research and development into bringing to market an innovative new concept known as the iVac.

  • PSS iVac | Suction Excavation
  • PSS iVac | Suction Excavation
  • PSS iVac | Suction Excavation

The iVac is a compact track mounted Suction Excavator which is designed to be transported on a standard plant trailer and is suitable for towing behind a standard utility van. Classified as plant, the iVac is much more efficient to run than a lorry-mounted product with typical savings of up to £300 per day.

The iVac has been specially developed for the purpose of soil excavation in areas where other excavators cannot cope, such as narrow passages. The machine loosens the earth to be removed and the high volume suction power pulls debris out of the ground and discharges it into the receiving container.

The iVac will allow a Suction Excavator to be fully utilised on-site without the need for transporting waste material to a transfer station. It provides a towable solution that can provide the functionality of 26T Vacuum Excavators, combined with the mobility and convenience associated with Mini Diggers.

Due to its compact design, the iVac has a much smaller footprint than conventional Suction Excavators. Also discharges into a 1 ton dumpy bag.

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