55-630 Power Push

The UIS Power Push excavator attachment offers a safer and more compliant way of inserting new PE pipe & cable, approved to work on both live and dead insertion gas mains.

PSS 55-630 Power Push Pipe Handler

By simply attaching the Power Push™ to the excavator arm you take away the manual handling and injury risks associated with pipe insertion. The Power Push™ is fully operated from the safety of the excavator cab.

The Power Push is compatible for the use with the large majority of excavators from 1.5T up to 25T excavators and can also be used for slip lining / manoeuvring & re-rounding PE pipe and cable diameters from 55mm up to 630mm.

  • Benefits
  • 55 -180 mm
  • 90 - 300 mm
  • 180 - 400 mm
  • 300 - 630 mm