Coil Pipe Trailers

V Series pipe trailers really do tick all the boxes! They are the first gas and water coiled pipe dispensing trailers designed and manufactured to comply with Health & Safety and GIS requirements.

  • PSS Coil Pipe Trailers in line
  • PSS Coil Pipe Trailer
  • PSS Coil Pipe Trailer
  • PSS Coil Pipe Trailer close up

By working with and listening to the needs of the end users, we have developed an even more safety conscious trailer with innovative and unique features and functions.

Our range includes 40/90, 110/125 and 140/180 trailers available in an industrial galavanised finish which is chosen as our primary finishing option as it extends plant life, reduces maintenance costs, and improves the cosmetic look after prolonged use compared to previously painted models.

Our trailers are designed and manufactured using sectional construction methods which allows for our range of trailers to be easily exported worldwide as well as reducing maintenance and repair costs.

  • Features
  • 40/90mm V Series
  • 110/125mm V Series
  • 140/180mm V Series***
  • HyPower 500