MegaMc PolyHorse 500mm - 1200mm

The MegaMc® PolyHorse® is a pipe-handling system designed to boost productivity and promote safer working conditions on 20” to 48” OD (500mm to 1,200mm) polyethylene pipe jobsites.

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The productivity tool consists of a series of pipe racks and powered pipe stands that hold enough pipe for a day’s worth of fusion work. With the pipe stored in a single location and ready for use, the MegaMc PolyHorse allows heavy machinery to work in other places on the jobsite. A single operator can dispense pipe onto the stands, manoeuvre the pipe into alignment, and insert pipe into the fusion machine with the use of a remote control.

Instead of dedicating a piece of heavy machinery to lift, align, load and hold a stick of pipe to be fused, the MegaMc PolyHorse does all the work. After setting up the MegaMc PolyHorse, sticks of pipe are loaded directly onto the pipe racks that are purposefully designed with an incline that allows gravity to feed the pipes to the dispenser. The dispenser is activated by the remote control, lowering a single stick of pipe into a tracked powered pipe stand and roller powered pipe stand attached to the end of the racks. The operator then controls the powered pipe stands to move and align the pipe up to 24 inches laterally and 34 inches vertically. Powered rubber tracks feed a stick of pipe into the fusion machine.

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