The McElroy PolyHorse® is a pipe-handling system that consists of a series of adjustable racks to store and help install pipe on the jobsite. For use with polyethylene pipe sizes from 90mm to 500mm, the PolyHorse can reduce labour expenses by providing an efficient, less hazardous work environment for handling pipe bundles and enhance jobsite productivity.

Pipe is off-loaded from the delivery truck directly onto the PolyHorse, off the ground and out of the way until needed. In use, the operator rolls the pipe down the rack and onto the integral pipe rollers where it is easily loaded into a McElroy fusion machine. This eliminates the costs for additional lifting equipment and manpower on site.

For even more productivity, the PolyHorse can be ordered with the special PowerAssist attachment. The PolyHorse with PowerAssist features a hydraulically powered roller placed closest to the fusion machine that helps load pipe up, down and into the fusion machine.

The PolyHorse can be used with McElroy 412, 618 and 500 fusion machines for more productivite jobsites.

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