Wask Teeset

The Teeset machine allows for the drilling and tapping of gas main pipes in the same manner as a central action drill stand but, by the addition of a simple sliding gate valve in the base of the machine, allows up to 1” equal top entry service tees and 2” nipples for two part service tees to British Gas Specification PS/F2 to be fitted safely to live mains without loss of gas.

The machine will also fit plugs, bushes, side entry tees, standpipes, bag pipes, main spraying heads etc, under no gas conditions.

The machine is suitable for use at pressures up to 2 bar (30 psi), and will fit mains from 80 to 300 mm (3” to 12”) as supplied. With a longer securing chain and a pair of extension lugs (available as additional equipment) the machine can be fitted to any large size main. TAPS ARE NOT SUPPLIED WITH THE MACHINE, but are available as additional equipment. A variety of additional equipment is available at extra cost for inserting side entry tees, plugs, standpipes, bagging- off equipment, pipe saddle (clip) drilling, fastening to large mains, air motor drive etc.