Wask Bagging-Off

The Bagging-off Equipment utilises the base of the Teeset Drilling Machine to provide a safe and comprehensive method of flow-stopping polyethylene (125mm to 400mm), ferrous 3” to 12” cast iron, 80mm to 400mm ductile iron and PVC (125mm to 400mm) live gas mains under gas free working conditions.

By utilising the base of the Teeset Drilling Machine, this latest generation equipment enables a temporary flow of gas to be provided around a section of polyethylene or ferrous main which is undergoing maintenance or repair.

Supplied in kit form, the equipment provides the means to connect a fullbore 3” bypass around a mains maintenance operation subject to the maximum size of drilled and tapped hole allowed by regulations. The pressure limitation is 350 mbar with rigid bypass, rated with that of the Drilling Machine. Flexible “Riders” are available for low pressure applications.

Incorporated within the Bypass Head is a 1” vent and purge valve and a 3/8” valved pressure test probe which can be inserted through the main tapping into the full gas flow.