Electric Cable Rollers

The Electric Cable Roller system comprises a number of individual Electric Cable Roller machines that can be secured to the ground or trough on the route that the cable is to be deployed along. 

The Electric Cable Roller machines are powered from a control panel using a daisy chain configuration for the power distribution and Emergency Stop security loop. The panel is capable of powering up to 15 Electric Cable Roller machines on each side, i.e. a total of 30 machines can be supported with the panel in the middle of the array of machines.

A capstan winch is included, which can be fitted in place of the end machine, and is used to aid the initial deployment of the cable. This is electrically equivalent to one machine, but can generate twice the line pull.

The system requires a 63A feed from a suitable generator or mains connection supplying three phase 415V. Each Cable Roller contains two 0.37kW three phase 415V rated motors. The system has been be EMC tested to EN61000 (radiated emissions and immunity tests).

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