Welding Shelters

Welding Shelters are used to minimise the risk of joint contamination during Butt Fusion and Electro Fusion.

We offer the following types:

  • Umbrella Type
  • Mains Laying Pop-Up Tent, 1.8m x 1.8m (Electro Fusion and Butt Fusion up to 250mm)
  • Mains Laying Large Pop-Up Tent, 2.5m x 2.5m (Butt Fusion up to 400mm)
  • Concertina Type, 3m x 3m (Large Diameter Butt Fusion up to 500mm)
  • Concertina Type, 4m x 4m (Large Diameter Butt Fusion up to 900mm)
  • Heavy Duty Site Shelter, 7m x 6m (Large Diameter Butt Fusion up to 1200mm)
  • Pop-Up Type
  • Concertina Type 3m x 3m
  • Concertina Type 4m x 4m