McElroy DynaMc 250 Auto

The DynaMc® 250 Auto is an automatic fusion machine for fusing pipes from 63mm — 250mm (2” IPS — 8” DIPS). Designed with input from industry experts, the DynaMc 250 Auto offers a powerful mix of features and operates within gas industry specification PL2-3:2006 and water industry specification 4-32-08, as well as other specifications.

The modular design of the 250 Auto features a common electronic control unit and HPU to operate the carriage, heater and facer. The special heater automatically re- tracts to minimize open and close times, while the electronic control unit offers a USB port for downloading fusion reports and uploading firmware updates.

Like other McElroy fusion machines, the DynaMc 250 Auto’s powerful facer trims the pipe ends and incorporates McElroy’s patented Centerline Guidance System. When you need a completely automated solution for the fusion process, make it a McElroy DynaMc Auto.

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