Softrak ATV Trailer

The Loglogic off-road trailer is designed to be used in conjunction with the Loglogic Softrak tracked vehicle. 

The base trailer can be fitted with four Trelleborg T411 tyres or the Loglogic trailer track system with 350mm rubber tracks. The trailer can easily follow the Softrak, causing minimal damage to soft terrain or delicate habitats. This makes it ideal for use on nature reserves, reed beds and many other wetland habitats.

The trailer is primarily designed to carry up to 1500kg of payload. 350mm drop sides and tailgate can be fitted and with a purpose built bulk body up to 12m3 or 1,500kg load.

The fully floating undercarriage means that the tracks or wheels will always follow the ground contours. However check chains are fitted to limit the maximum articulation of the undercarriage so that the trailer can cross ditches and other obstacles.

The Loglogic off-road trailer is fitted with a crane with capacities up to 150kNm. Double mechanical stabilisers are fitted to the front of the trailer. The cranes are fitted with electric winches and a quick fastening kit to allow easy removal of the crane.

  • Base Trailer and Crane
  • Tracked Undercarriage
  • Wheeled Undercarriage