Segway x2 SE

The Segway x2’s deeply treaded, all terrain tyres can conquer rugged patches of dirt, gravel, grass or sand.

A special adaptation of Segway Inc.’s dynamic stabilisation technology and a wider track maximise the x2’s stability, while its higher ground clearance ensures that steep hills, uneven trails and jagged rocks won’t impede your ride. The Segway x2 can carry you up to 12 miles/19 km on a single charge, and when you want to transport it to an off-road destination, oversized handles make it easy to lift it in or out of a vehicle.

The technology inside a Segway x2 SE consists of an intelligent network of sensors, mechanical assemblies, and control systems that balance and move you on two wheels. The second you step on, five micro-machined gyroscopes and two accelerometers sense the changing terrain and your body position at 100 times per second – faster than your brain can think.

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