Hagglund BV206

Roadless country, rocky outcrops, boulder strewn terrain, swamp and marsh and water hazards are just some of the challenges the Hagglunds BV206 is designed to overcome.

The Hagglunds BV206 was designed for our tough northern climate and it performs well on any kind of terrain. In untamed country, the BV206 is often the only viable transportation option.

Hagglunds BV206 all-terrain vehicles are used in forestry, transmission line work, pipeline construction and maintenance, construction work on remote sites, forest re ghting, rescue and relief work, ambulance duty, crew transport and tourism.

Easy On The Land
Where wheeled vehicles fail, where steel tracks damage sensitive landscape, the Hagglunds BV206 is light on its tracks and easy on the ground surface. The BV206 exerts minimal ground pressure – a mere 11.6/13.6 kPa (1.68/1.97psi), less than half the pressure exerted by a human foot. The rubber tracks are easy on road surfaces, even at speeds up to 55kph.

Since the BV206 is amphibious, you can just drive right through a pond or shallow lake. Rocky slopes of 60 percent or steeper are no obstacle.

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