Trenchless Techniques

J C Balls were tasked with laying a new drainage pipe of approximately 150yards linking newly constructed holiday lodges to a pumping station they had already built.

PSS HIRE - Trenchless Techniques Case Study (PDF, 217 KB)


Trenchless Equipment - Moles by PSS HIRE

Customer Name

J C Balls

Project Location

JCB Golf & Country Club

Products Used

130mm Mole & Accessories inc launch cradle, oiler, hose, ranging pole and grundoscope.


1 week

The main issue was the new pipeline would need to go underneath a road linking two separate areas of the construction site together.

Trenchless Equipment - Moles by PSS HIRE

The Challenge

J C Balls required a piece of equipment where they could continue to lay the new drainage pipe, without having to excavate the road and cause disruption to the building site. The pipeline was being laid approximately 2.5m deep at either side of the road so a large trench would have to have been dug through the road if no other solution was available. J C Balls wanted the pipe to span the road that was around 10 meters in length. 

Trenchless Equipment - Moles by PSS HIRE

The Solution

PSS HIRE were able to supply a 130mm Mole complete with launch cradle, scope and ranging pole. Using this piece of equipment, J C Balls only had to dig two smaller trenches either side of the road, where the pipe was being laid. The Mole easily tunnelled through underneath the road meaning the road did not have to be closed or open cut to install the new pipeline.

"The 130mm Mole helped us in time and excavation costs. The site we were working on was constantly evolving and road access to different areas of the site meant we were unable to dig up the road, so the mole made our work much simpler." - Dane Potts, J C Balls

Trenchless Equipment - Moles by PSS HIRE

This saved the customer time and expense in relaying the road. Using the scope and ranging pole, the Mole came out in the exit pit within a few centimetres of where they had anticipated it to arrive. J C Balls were then able to pull the new drainage pipeline into the channel by attaching the pipe itself to the Mole, putting it in reverse to go back through the tunnel to where it had started - into the original launch pit. To cover the 10 meters took around 2 ½ hours which was a much quicker than having to dig up the road and relay.

The Results

J C Balls were able to lay the drainage pipeline quickly and efficiently, whilst saving time and costs that would have followed with excavating the site. The construction traffic was still able to move freely across the site due to not having to excavate the road, which reflected very well for J C Balls and their contractors.