Electricity Infrastructure Upgrade, Scotland

As part of a major upgrade of the electricity infrastructure in Scotland, this project involves the design and construction of a 9.3km Overhead Line Route from Fort William Grid Substation to Lundavra. The existing grid supply is being reinforced and equipment that is almost 50 years old is being replaced. The project involves the construction, refurbishment, dismantling and commissioning of 33kV, 132kV and 275kV steel towers and 132kV wood pole overhead lines. The project will facilitate new generation connections and improve security of supply for the area.

Customer Name


Project Location

From Fort William to Lundavra


5 years in total

Products Used

Provision of 2 x Softrak All Terrain Vehicles with Trailers, plus operator training

The location and size of this project in the Scottish Highlands poses significant challenges in terms of transporting heavy materials and tools. The terrain is also highly challenging as it is extremely bumpy and uneven. Some form of transportation was needed for Phase Two of this project to carry materials and equipment for steel replacement and steel reinforcement works concerning the tower structures, plus stinging operations. Due to the heavy weight and size of the steel, any vehicles needed to be robust enough to carry the materials whilst being able to travel across the challenging terrain.

PSS HIRE provided two Softrak All Terrain Vehicles with Trailers to enable the equipment to be transported across the site. With Bridgestone rubber tracks, the vehicles are able to cross very rough ground and deflect over obstacles, without causing damage to the ground.  With a high tractive effort of 3,200kg, they are able to climb steep slopes and carry heavy loads. They are also safe, comfortable and easy to operate. PSS HIRE also provided operator training through our NPORS and LANTRA accredited trainers to ensure that all operatives were familiar with operation of the vehicles and knew how to operate them safely.

Grid Power were absolutely delighted with the effectiveness of the Softrak All Terrain Vehicles in helping to rapidly transport steelwork and tools to the areas where work was being carried out. The second phase of the project was carried out on time and on budget and the use of these vehicles helped contribute to this.

“This is a large site with extremely challenging terrain. The Softrak All Terrain Vehicles helped us to transport materials, tools and operatives with ease, speed and efficiency. Before any operatives used the vehicles, they received full familiarisation training so they could operate them safely and effectively. The training was held in our yard at Ft. William what was really helpful.”

Project Manager, Gridpower

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