Barhale North Midlands Alliance Inlet /Outlet Scheme – Beacon Hill Reservoir

Due to the vast expansion of Newark-on-Trent, and the potential of further homes being built in the local area over the coming years, Heartland Pipelines were tasked with laying dual pipe of 450mm and 560mm on a 6km stretch.

  • Bead Diagnostic Instrument

Customer Name

Mains Layer of Heartlands Pipelines

Project Location

Newark On Trent

Products Used

2 x 630mm All Terrain Ritmo Butt Fusion Machines, 2 x MegaMc Polyhorse Pipe Loading Systems, 2 x BDI Test Units, 2 x Large external debeader’s, 2 x 4 metre x 4 metre shelters, Low Profile Pipe Support Rollers, 450mm and 560mm liners.


8 months

Working in partnership with the Barhale North Midlands Alliance, Heartland Pipelines needed to supply an inlet and outlet main to the local area, supplied by Beacon Hill Reservoir. As a result of the size of the project, every weld had to be BDI (Bead Diagnostic Instrument) tested for quality assurance.

The Challenge

Newark-on-Trent is an area of historic significance. Due to where the pipework was being laid, a team of archaeologists were required to check on all trench work. Ground conditions were also quite sandy, which mean that digging the trench was difficult due to the sides collapsing.

The Solution

PSS HIRE supplied two 630mm Ritmo All Terrain Butt Fusion machines for use on the project, along with two McElroy MegaMc Polyhorse Pipe Loading Systems. The Polyhorse system enabled Heartlands to work much more efficiently and safely, as it racked the pipe and helped store on site. The machine is able to manoeuvre the pipe and dispense into alignment with the Ritmo Butt Fusion machine. This helped save time in loading pipe to the Ritmo, and proved to be a much safer method as the machine is operated remotely.

The Ritmo All Terrain Butt Fusion machine was supplied with 450mm and 560mm liners, enabling Heartlands to weld the two different sized pipes with the same machine. It is also on four heavy duty wheels, making it much easier to manoeuvre around site. It was able to produce around 12 welds a day on 12-metre stick pipe, providing a super-efficient process of welding.

Heartlands chose to implement the use of the BDI Joint Inspection Tool, to ensure each and every weld produced was to the quality required for the job. It tests 95% of the entire bead length, whilst providing immediate test results on each weld. This helped ensure Heartlands were able to document that their work had been carried out to highest of standards, and show this to their client.

“The Ritmo All Terrain Butt Fusion machine was user friendly and easy to operate. It runs much quieter than other large diameter butt fusion machines we have used, which proves a huge bonus when welding all day for a six month period. The MegaMc Polyhorse has also saved us a lot of time on site and made the job much safer.”

Joe Howells, Mains Layer of Heartlands Pipelines

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