Boston to Covenham Scheme

Construction of a 63km, 560mm diameter P.E. pipeline in Lincolnshire for Anglian Water. This scheme for Anglian Water was joining two reservoirs together to maximise the water available to local residents.

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Anglian Water

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The £40 million Anglian Water scheme was to pipe water from the company’s Covenham reservoir near Louth down to Boston in order to secure supplies for the growing town and cover a 63km stretch, split into two phases.

After completion, the 560mm pipeline was able to carry 26 million litres of water south every day.  The area had a low rain fall and a rising population, so the utility decided to optimise its resources in a very efficient manner. The first section phase was approximately 40km of pipeline between Covenham and Miningsby Reservoirs, followed by a further 20km section from Miningsby Reservoir to Boston where it was linked to the existing water distribution system.

Specialists equipment was used from PSS HIRE to help with the success of delivering this project on time which included:

  • Two T900 Tracstar Automatic Butt Fusion Machines
  • Two MegaMc polyhorse Pipe loading systems
  • Large Diameter rotary pipe scraper
  • Barcode Electro-fusion Control Box
  • Welding shelters 4 metre x 4 metre & 3 metre x 3 metre
  • Hydraulic Re-rounding & Alignment clamps
  • Under pressure drills

After the duration times and rates were agreed, PSS hire arranged for operator training to be carried out with the McElroy engineer and PSS staff at their Wetherby Service Centre on the machines assigned to this project. To follow up on this service PSS HIRE also provided training on delivery of the equipment with the J.N.Bentley operatives on-site, this continued until all parties were happy with assembly procedures and production rates of the machines.

“During the planning stages of this project we consulted with PSS regarding the hire of 2 x T900 Tracstar butt fusion machines serviced by 2 MegaMc polyhorse units. All plant supplied to site from PSS hire was of a high quality with a fitter assigned to service all machines on a weekly basis and also on call for any breakdowns 24hrs a day.

I would have no hesitation in using the McElroy butt fusion machines and polyhorse system supplied by PSS HIRE on future projects”

Andy Young, Pipeline Site Manager for J.N. Bentley for Anglian Water

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