Bewerley Mains Replacement

The scheme was to replace 300 metres of 4 inches of cast iron gas mains pipe and replace with 125mm polyethylene.

Customer Name

Andrew Hughes Utility Services Ltd

Project Location

Bewerley, North Yorkshire


4 weeks

The environment was challenging, as the road was quite narrow and busy. The scheme needed to be completed in full in time for the Tour De Yorkshire which was passing through within a day or so of when the scheme was scheduled to complete. We also needed to preserve the environment as it is an area of outstanding beauty, and to cause as little impact to the customer and highways as possible.

The solution was to use the T47 Scandinavian No Dig Pipe Bursting Rig as an alternative to method to the traditional open cut method.

By using the T47 Pipe Bursting Rig PSS HIRE reduced the time taken to complete the project by a week with zero complaints from customers. A reduction in Traffic Management and Disruption to the Highway. A reduction in the impact to the surrounding environment.

“This equipment proved to be simple and reliable to use. The team, and the customers really felt the benefit of using this equipment against the traditional open cut method. There was far less disruption to the customers and minimal impact on the environment.”

Derrick Whitfield, Andrew Hughes Utility Services Ltd

“It is great to work closely with our partners to provide a solution to the challenges they face. In this instance, specifically the environment in an area of natural beauty, and also the customers throughout the village.”

Nick McBride

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