Cadent Gas - London Gas Mains Replacement Project

The London Gas Mains Replacement Project involves the upgrade of more than 1,800 miles of metal gas mains in London before 2021.

Customer Name


Project Location

Various locations in London including Kings Rd, Fulham


Due for completion before 2021

Products Used

McElroy TracStar T900, MegaMc PolyHorse Pipe Loading System - Powered Rollers, Excavator Mounted Pipe Handlers, BDI (Bead Diagnostic Instrument), 800mm Fraitec Scrapers, Vacuum Saddle Kits, Electric Fusion Equipment: 800mm mechanical power pipe scraper, 800mm Hydraulic Clamps, High power electrofusion box, Lifting Straps for 800mm Electrofusion Couplers

“PSS HIRE has been heavily involved in this project from the beginning and has become a supply partner, as opposed to merely a product supplier. We have received an excellent level of technical support throughout from PSS HIRE and the new products and innovative ways of working introduced have really benefited this project in terms of efficiencies made.”

Stuart Donaldson, Cadent Engineering Manager

“We have a proven track record of working in partnership with customers and this project allowed us the opportunity to work very closely with Cadent Gas (formerly National Grid) and Triio, to introduce new products and innovative ways of working which added significant value to the contract.”

Nick Eakins, PSS HIRE Strategic Accounts Manager

It is vital to replace and upgrade the ageing gas mains with modern polyethylene pipes so that National Grid can continue to provide a safe and reliable gas supply to homes, businesses and schools in the capital and to reduce the amount of unplanned work on the gas network. The metal gas pipes were installed over 100 years ago and polyethylene pipes will be safer and more durable, ensuring a reliable gas supply for years to come.

The Challenge

This is an extremely high profile project with unique challenges. The work is being carried out across London in congested areas such as Kings Road in Fulham. All shops and businesses need to be kept open as usual and access needs to be maintained for residents, businesses and deliveries at all times. Cadent Gas needed to liaise closely with third parties including the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and Transport for London to ensure the work has as little impact on residents, businesses and road users as possible.

The project has also demanded the use of innovative products and extensive technical support as it involves the installation of the first 800mm polyethylene gas mains ever installed in the UK.

The Solution

Triio the gas engineering joint venture that works in partnership with Cadent Gas, initially approached PSS HIRE to get involved in the project due to the company’s market-leading position in large diameter polyethylene welding. PSS HIRE liaised closely with the project partners to identify new ways of working that could add significant value to the project.

PSS HIRE were involved in the supply chain at a very early stage, over a year before the project first commenced. The PSS HIRE Projects team attended a number of meetings where innovative ways of working were discussed and PSS HIRE subsequently engaged a number of suppliers who took the lead in introducing a number of existing and new products to be used on the project. These included the McElroy TracStar T900 Butt Fusion Machine and the MegaMc PolyHorse Pipe Loading System.

A number of new products were also introduced to the project, including the BDI (Bead Diagnostic Instrument), a unique, on-site tool that gives operatives a clear and quick result regarding the quality of butt fusion welds without the need for destructive testing. The BDI is the first tool available to provide a reliable, yet simple non-destructive test for PE butt fusion joints. Other new products that PSS HIRE introduced to the project in conjunction with the company’s suppliers included 800mm Hydraulic Clamps, 800mm Electrofusion Scrapers, Vacuum Saddle Kits, Excavator Mounted Pipe Handlers and Lifting Straps for 800mm Electrofusion Couplers.

Due to the introduction of various new products and the adoption of new working practices, Cadent Gas decided that everyone involved in the project should attend a four day training session at the National Grid Training Centre in Hertfordshire. PSS HIRE was at the forefront of producing and subsequently delivering these training sessions on product familiarization and everyone involved in the project at all levels attend the training sessions.

The Results

The early engagement with national grid allowed PSS HIRE to engage with its own suppliers and manufactures to provide innovative, safe and bespoke products to prestigious project. The result has been that the first phase of the project has been finished ahead of time and on budget with as minimal disruption as possible to local residents and businesses.

PSS HIRE continues to work as a partner on the London gas mains replacement project and will provides our customer with extensive back-up support, we have dedicated experts who provide technical advice.

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