Andrew Hughes Utility Services

Andrew Hughes Utility Services working on behalf of Northern Gas Networks. The project required installation of 2600 metres of 63mm diameter PE Pipe using gas live insertion techniques up a 6” main. The customer Utilised 500 metre coils of 63mm PE Pipe allowing 250 metre shots per day.

Customer Name

Andrew Hughes Utility Services Ltd

Project Location



6 weeks

The project was challenging as it was been delivered in rural landscape on farmer’s fields on the outskirts of Northumberland there need to keep noise levels down and be respectful of the area.

PSS HIRE used the HyPower coil pipe trailer which enabled quick and easy dispensing of up to 500 meters of pipe, this also helped with the reduction of pipe wastage.

“I used this trailer whilst carrying out 2.5 km of 63mm live insertion up an existing 6 inches gas main. The HyPower Pipe Coil Trailer was absolutely fantastic and definitely the right tool for the job. The benefits of the ease in which the pipe is dispensed and the reduction in wastage made life so much quicker and easier for the gangs involved. The job took place in challenging rural surroundings and using the HyPower trailer reduced the impact of this substantially.”

Michael Walker, Construction Manager, Andrew Hughes Utility Services Ltd

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