Case Studies

PSS HIRE has the experience, expertise and product range to service some of the UK’s most high profile projects. The following case studies demonstrate our involvement in the sectors we operate.

Renewal of Water Main, Leicester

As part of a £5 million scheme carried out by Severn Trent Water to renew the water main and secure future water supplies, a large section of underground water pipe was replaced beneath Anstey Lane, one of the busiest highways in Leicester.

The Click Stick… Safety for the Future

The introduction of the Click Stick into the PSS HIRE fleet has been game changing for our customers and has drastically reduced safety risks when breaking out mains across the gas and water sectors.

Kilmichael Water Mains Replacement Project

Corrie Construction were involved in a demanding water mains replacement project which involved replacing 800m of asbestos cement mains pipe with new PE pipe. This project was carried out in the small village of Kilmichael, which despite its size is extremely busy with local traffic. The water mains pipe needed bursting and the new pipe pulling through.

Electricity Infrastructure Upgrade, Scotland

As part of a major upgrade of the electricity infrastructure in Scotland, this project involves the design and construction of a 9.3km Overhead Line Route from Fort William Grid Substation to Lundavra. The existing grid supply is being reinforced and equipment that is almost 50 years old is being replaced. The project involves the construction, refurbishment, dismantling and commissioning of 33kV, 132kV and 275kV steel towers and 132kV wood pole overhead lines.

Bewerley Mains Replacement

The scheme was to replace 300 metres of 4 inches of cast iron gas mains pipe and replace with 125mm polyethylene.

Wigton Lane, Sewerage Main Replacement

The existing sewerage main running through Wigton Lane was in poor condition and leaking at points which wasn’t very pleasant. This scheme was to replace the existing main with a new 355mm and partly 450mm polyethylene main.

Andrew Hughes Utility Services

Andrew Hughes Utility Services working on behalf of Northern Gas Networks. The project required installation of 2600 metres of 63mm diameter PE Pipe using gas live insertion techniques up a 6” main. The customer Utilised 500 metre coils of 63mm PE Pipe allowing 250 metre shots per day.

Boston to Covenham Scheme

Construction of a 63km, 560mm diameter P.E. pipeline in Lincolnshire for Anglian Water. This scheme for Anglian Water was joining two reservoirs together to maximise the water available to local residents.

Sussex Gardens

Barhale was contracted by Thames Water and Crossrail to replace and reline water mains in Sussex Gardens, Paddington, West London. This formed part of a commitment to reline any mains falling within an allowable settlement zone to ensure the long-term stability of the mains because of the Crossrail tunnelling work. Five cast iron mains, some of which were originally laid in 1825, needed to be re-laid with butt-fused polyethylene.