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On-Site Calibration Services That Work Around You

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At PSS HIRE, we understand that it is not always possible or practical to send equipment out to an external calibration house. You may be under severe time pressures or some equipment may be impossible to remove and send out for calibration purposes due to its scale, the fact that it is fixed in or its sensitivity.

PSS On-Site Calibration Services

In some cases, transportation to a calibration laboratory can potentially cause damage or deterioration to the equipment. In other instances, instrumentation can form part of a larger industrial process which necessitates for the whole installation to be calibrated together.

For this reason, we offer a fully mobile on-site calibration service whereby our engineers can calibrate instruments at your premises, with an efficient service that works around you. This could include the calibration and testing of a wide range of specialist equipment including electrical, high voltage, mechanical, temperature, HVAC, gas monitoring, flow, inspection and pressure testing equipment.

Benefits of On-Site Calibration

For many of our customers, this mobile service offers huge benefits. It can reduce the time needed for calibration, meaning that downtime of equipment is reduced and shutdown times are minimised or even eliminated altogether. In the case of on-site calibration, instrumentation is calibrated in the environmental conditions that the equipment is normally used in and there is no threat of possible damage due to mishandling in transit. It could also prove more economical as freight or courier costs are eradicated. Work can be tailored to meet your exact needs and if equipment fails calibration, we may be able to offer you a temporary replacement, repair your existing kit or quote for new equipment.

Although we offer a mobile, on-site service for calibration, we also operate a National Calibration Centre in Teesside, whereby we calibrate and test equipment rigorously in a micro controlled environment, offering a secure and fully insured collection and delivery service. Some customers prefer to use our National Calibration Centre, some use our mobile on-site calibration service and others use a combination of the two services as the need arises.

Full Calibration Certification

With our on-site calibration service, we can carry out a site visit prior to any work starting. Our engineers are used to working on a multitude of different sites across various sectors, and come fully equipped with all equipment and materials needed to perform the calibration. When instrumentation is successfully calibrated, it is automatically added to the Asset Management Service and full calibration certification is issued. This is traceable to National Standards for auditing purposes.

For further information about our on-site calibration services, please e-mail or call 0370 330 6021.


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