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We wanted to share with you further details on Mark 2 of our revolutionary iVac Suction Excavator. For those who aren’t familiar with the iVac, we began working on the development of our first generation iVac back in 2010 and it was made commercially available in 2013 to offer the gas, water, electrical and others sectors a safe, practical and cost-effective method of soil excavation.

  • iVac Suction Excavation - hire from PSS HIRE
  • iVac Suction Excavation - hire from PSS HIRE
  • iVac Suction Excavation - hire from PSS HIRE

The original concept of developing the iVac was to reduce a 26 Tonne Suction Excavator into a smaller, more portable unit that could be towed to site with a standard utility vehicle. Typical applications include cable and pipeline repair and underground construction work involving buried cables. The iVac utilises non-invasive suction technology, presentinga safe, cost-effective and efficient alternative to the traditional methods of mechanical excavation or hand digging with forks and shovels.

The first generation iVac proved highly popular with contractors such as Balfour Beatty as it relieved utility workers of the need to use muscle power, whilst eradicating the threat of striking cables and thus improving efficiency and safety on-site. There is increasing pressure across the industry to avoid the possibility of cable strikes, due to the safety impact, high cost of possible fines from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), inconvenience, downtime and negative publicity. The iVac loosens the earth to be removed, via its air lance system and the high volume suction power pulls debris out of the ground and discharges it into the receiving container. Remote controlled, there is absolutely no need for operatives to enter into excavations at any point.

Since the first generation iVac was launched, we have consulted with several customers across various sectors to assess how we could enhance the equipment even further and make it even more indispensable on site. We’ve therefore launched Mark II of the iVac which offers even more benefits than the first generation model, namely:

  • 20% improved suction output (suction capacity of up to 17,000m3/hour at 7.848 KPa)
  • The model is even more compact, reducing the footprint from 2.3m x 1.9m to 2m x 1.6m. This means it’s even more mobile and can be used in areas which were previously inaccessible. By comparison, standard 26 tonne Suction Excavators have a typical footprint of 8m x 2.4m
  • The first generation iVac was low noise and the latest model is even quieter (93dB with engine running and fan engaged). This makes it ideal for use in residential areas with minimal disruption
  • It utilises a highly efficient Tier 4 Exo120kw engine from JCB, ensuring quieter operation, enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions
  • The weight of the machine has been reduced to 2700kg. The towing weight is 3500kg
  • The new model incorporates an improved filtration system incorporating 10 x filters, increasing the overall filter surface area by more than five times of the original matrix filters. This significantly reduces the number of times that operators are required to empty the skip
  • With the iVac, there is no need to transport waste material to a transfer station. Typical cost savings of up to £300 a day, or £78,000 per annum, can be made in comparison with lorry-mounted equipment

If you would like to arrange a trial of the iVac Mark II, please get in touch with us: email usfill in a form, or call 0370 330 6023.


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