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The Importance of Calibrating Equipment

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Not only does the calibration of instrumentation maintain the performance and accuracy of equipment, it is crucially important for quality assurance.

Importance of Calibrating Equipment - PSS Instrumentation

Equipment should be calibrated throughout its lifetime to ensure reliable, accurate and repeatable measurements. If instruments show inaccurate measurements, it goes without saying that the final product could be faulty and of interior quality. A scenario you want to avoid at all costs.

So what exactly is calibration?  It involves an accredited calibration house checking that equipment is working as it should be in-line with the manufacturer’s recommendations and that it is still accurate with no ‘drift’. Calibration drift occurs when a piece of testing equipment begins to work incorrectly and this could be down to a number of factors such as age and environmental conditions including humidity, moisture ingress and extreme temperatures. Test equipment should be calibrated every year.

At the very simplest level, calibration of instrumentation equipment can be compared to a vehicle MOT test. In the case of an MOT, assessors verify that vehicles meet road safety and environmental standards. With the calibration of equipment, a similar principle applies. Instrumentation is checked to ensure it works to the relevant specifications and is traceable to national standards.

Complete Calibration Service

At PSS HIRE, we offer a national service for the calibration and testing of a wide range of specialist equipment including electrical, high voltage, mechanical, temperature, HVAC, gas monitoring, flow, inspection and pressure testing equipment. Operating from our National Calibration Centre in Teesside, we calibrate and test equipment rigorously in a micro controlled environment and offer a secure and fully insured collection and delivery service. To keep you fully informed as to when calibrations are due, we send a calibration management reminder six weeks prior to the calibration due date or at a preferred time chosen by you. A fully mobile on-site calibration service is also available on request.

Benefits of Calibration

All calibration work is carried out by a specialist team of trained engineers and we issue a calibration certificate valid for 12 months if the calibration proves successful. Although calibration units are commercially available, calibration cannot be carried out by yourself and a calibration certificate issued by a certified calibration company is the only legitimate proof that instruments have been calibrated. A calibration certificate is proof that your equipment is working within a standard and without it, you have no way of knowing whether the results you generate are accurate. At PSS HIRE, successfully calibrated equipment is automatically added to the Asset Management Service and all our master equipment is traceable to UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) through the National Physics Laboratory (NPL).

There are a multitude of benefits associated with calibrating equipment. Customers can check to see if equipment meets the required standards, they can see the accreditations that it meets and it provides an auditing trail and safety assurance. Calibration not only checks the accuracy of instrumentation, it also determines the traceability of the measurement. As well as being required under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment (PUWER) Regulations.

What if it fails?

If your instrument fails a calibration, we issue a Non Conformance Report (NCR) which details the faults found. A member of our team will discuss the options and costs available. Before commencing any repair work, we provide you with a formal quote so you aren’t hit with any unexpected costs. If repairs are needed, we’ll carry out repair work as quickly as possible so you can get the instrumentation back in action. We have excellent relationships with many of the leading manufacturers and only use original parts when repairing equipment.

To summarise, calibration improves the accuracy of instruments and an accurate instrument improves product quality. The risks associated with uncalibrated equipment could, potentially, prove far higher than the cost of calibration. For more information about our calibration services, please e-mail or call 0370 330 6021.

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John Smith

Great article! Calibration of instruments is an absolute necessity in industries like medicine, automobile, food and pharmaceuticals. A malfunction can cost businesses lots of money in form of returned products.

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